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One Month Certificate Course in Safety & Health for Supervisory Personnel Working In Hazardous Process Industries under section 41-C(b) of the Factories Act, 1948



Section 41C(b) of the Factories Act, 1948 provides that every occupier of a Factory involving Hazardous process shall appoint persons who possesses qualifications and experience in handling Hazardous Substances and are competent to supervise such handling within the factory and to provide at the working place all the necessary facilities for protecting the workers in the manner prescribed. Hence all supervisors of Hazardous processes factories must be trained to analyse the process hazards and implement the necessary risk mitigating methodology in terms of latest technique and current statutory requirements to overcome the challenges.

At present, there is a huge gap in equipping the supervisors on OSH and its of paramount importance that we train the supervisors adequately on OSH for effectively ensuring safety and health chain in hazardous processes. It is necessary that the supervisor is trained through a structured program on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) in hazardous processes.

In order to achieve this and to facilitate managements of Factories involving hazardous processes in complying with statutory provisions prescribed under 41C(b) of the Factories Act, 1948, International Institute of Industrial Safety Management (IIISM), Bengaluru under DGFASLI conducts this one month (four weeks) full time certificate course in Safety and Health.

COURSE TITLE: Certificate Course in Safety and Health for Supervisors to be employed in Hazardous Process Industries

Note: Applications will be invited batch-wise, each batch consists of 30 Students and the same Notification will be displayed on our website. Students are requested to check the website regularly for application updates.

Eligibility Criteria for admission:

  1. Degree in Chemistry (BSc with Chemistry Subject) with 5 Years of Work Experience.
  2. Diploma in any Branch of Engineering with 5 Years of Work Experience.
  3. Master's Degree in Chemistry (MSc with Chemistry Subject) with 2 Years of Work Experience.
  4. Degree in any Branch of Engineering with 2 Years of Work Experience.

Course Duration :

The duration of the course shall be as follows:

Full time (minimum 6 contact hours per day) – 4 weeks (Two weeks classroom teaching followed by one-week project work and on completion of which a further one week classroom teaching –85 class room sessions)


Minimum 80% of attendance shall be required for appearing in the examination. This minimum requirement is mandatory even if a candidate is declared sick on medical grounds. Those candidates not attaining the minimum percentage of attendance shall not be allowed to appear for the viva, laboratory work, project work and written examination and shall be required to repeat the course.


(a) Project work -20 Marks

(b) Laboratory work (Safety, Hygiene and Industrial Medicine) -20 Marks

(c) Oral examination based on project/laboratory work -10 Marks

(d) Written examination -150 Marks

The project work may be carried out in the sponsoring organization or any organization of the participant’s choice.

The examinations will be conducted by DGFASLI


A candidate shall be declared to have passed the course if he/she secures minimum 50% marks in each of the items of the examinations [item (a), (b), (c) & (d)] and an aggregate of 60% or more.


The candidates passing in the examination as per the scheme given as above shall be awarded the Grade as below:

A+ for 80% and above
A for 70% and above but below 80%
B+ for 65% and above but below 70%
B for 60% and above but below 65%

If a candidate for some genuine reasons could not appear for the examination after securing 80 % of the attendance, he shall be permitted to appear when the next examination is conducted within a reasonable period of time. Further, if a candidate could not pass in any one or more components of the examination, he shall be allowed to re-appear for those components once only. However, if a candidate having passed in all the components fails to secure minimum 60% marks in aggregate he shall be allowed to re-appear once in the written examination and/ or oral examination as per the candidate’s choice.


The certificate to the successful candidates shall be awarded by DGFASLI only. The certificate will carry a photograph of the successful candidate, duly attested by DGFASLI and Head of the Institution or any other 3 authority so declared competent for this purpose with the seal of the institution and DGFASLI affixed on the certificate.